Prison Ministry

LLMR also maintains an active prison ministry with men and women in prisons throughout California. We are growing all the time, as the word spreads from one inmate to another. We offer the following services:

Twelve Step Program by Correspondence

We send each participating inmate one or two lessons at a time, and when an inmate finishes each lesson, they send it back to us. We will then review each lesson and then send them back to the inmate. When they have completed the full 12-Steps, we send them a Certificate of Completion.

Bible Studies by Correspondence

We also send the inmates additional Bible studies that are not related to the 12-Steps. These lessons are also reviewed and sent back to the inmate.

Writing Letters

We will also write letters to the inmates. Being in prison can be a lonely situation, and even though some have family and friends that write to them, many do not. Getting some mail really brightens the inmate's day.

Sending Bibles

We send the following Bible to each inmate:

Serenity, a Companion for Twelve Step Recovery [NKJV]

This Bible contains a New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, and also incorporates the Twelve Steps. This little Bible is a handy tool for recovery; paperback book-sized and easy to mail to most of the prisons, unless not allowed. We are able to get these Bibles in to the inmates about 90% of the time, as each prison has different mailing restrictions.

For more information on this ministry, contact Tom & Dottie.